Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Otto Rex - Master in his own domain", 2015, acrylic on board, SOLD

"Grumpy Kitty", 2015, SOLD

"Olden Town", 2015, 24x36in, acrylic on canvas

'Close Neibourhood',2015,24x30,acrylic on canvas, SOLD

'Urban Oasis', 2015,40x40in acrylic on canvas, SOLD

"Farmland", 2015, 20x20in, acrylic on canvas

'Garden', 2015, 20x20, acrylic on canvas

'Hamlet in the Forest', 2015, 24x30,acrylic on canvas, SOLD

"Patchwork-V', 2015, 24x30, acrylic on canvas

"The Sea in the Morning". 2015, 20x20, acrylic on canvas, SOLD

"The Pumpkin Yellow House", 2015,17.5x23, acrylic on board

"Strange Birds-III",2015, acrylic on board

"Strange Birds-II",2015, acrylic on board, SOLD

"Strange Birds-I",2015, acrylic on board, SOLD

"Purple Twilight", 2015, 16x17.5, acrylic on board

'Bon Voyage', 2015, acrylic on canvas, SOLD